The Whole Enchilada - Presented by ENVE

Kevin Winzeler Fall 2017

ENVE Composites


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The Music of the Gospel

Sony F55 - 4k RAW - on Anamorphic glass. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Abandon Gravity

This one took some serious grading to get where I wanted it. I'll have to put together some BTS video to break it down. Pretty happy with it. 


New 2017 Color Reel

This is the condensed version. To see more click on the "color grading" tab


ScottDW Color Grading SuperCut - 6 years in about 6 minutes

 The first time I worked with Scott Winn was in 2011 on a short film that he DP'd called Mr. Bellpond's Masterpiece.The next year I started coloring his series, Dr. Fubalous. After that Fruit Ninja went huge and the rest is history. Scott has given me more leeway in discovering a grade than most clients I've worked with. His material is always fresh and entertaining, always shot and composed with skill, truly great footage to work with. Realizing a vision that compliments the world he's creating in each video has been something I really look forward to. Everyone I work with is different in their own way. With Scott, he always knows what he wants, but he's willing to give me some room to enhance things even farther. It's been a pleasure working on these and I can truly say, all these shots represent my very best work at the time. I'm constantly refining my process, but its really moving for me seeing all this work back to back like this because it represents hours, weeks, months, and years of hard dedicated work. Not just my own time, but all the talented people that become part of this world. Scott works harder than most people I know to make these things. It's been great working with a true artist.