Fruit Ninja
Monday, December 17, 2012 at 4:34PM
Ben Brooksby in Color Grading, Scott Winn, color grading, davinci, fruit ninja, scott and brendo

This was a Scott Winn project in association with Halfbrick Studios.

It was shot on a mix of 5d, Epic, and Fastcam cameras.

I've been really driving at getting my grading style more cinematic than ever. Color correction is good. Making shots all match is important, but above all that is this kind of intangible quality to a good grading job that changes the very substance and texture of the thing. I've been intrigued by that ever since that first time in photoshop when I figured out the channel mixer.

The first cut of the video I saw was just that first section. Scott explained some of his feelings about it and how he wanted it to feel. I went to work on it and once I nailed the color tone, I jumped in with some new techniques I've been thinking about to really sink this thing into that fictional place where great stories happen. I wanted to make it feel strong and intentional.  After I'd finished, I compared what I had with the original and felt pretty happy with it. So here they are. 

As you click back and forth through them you'll see the difference I'm talking about. The kind of fun thing about it is that they're so different they even fool me into wondering if I'm looking at the same frame most of the time. Its pretty sick. 

There was one shot that the fastcam malfunctioned on and somehow we got pink registering in the leaves of the trees and in his highlights. Scott asked me if I could get that one to work right again. You'll see it in the stills(numbers 10 and 11) . It took a few different things all happening at once, but I got the pink out and got it to match well enough to keep it. 


Here's the full video. Hope you enjoy it. This is the last project of 2012. I'm looking forward to 2013. I'll be releasing a new reel soon to reflect my new style. Developing new techniques always makes me excited about the future. More to come!

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