Maccabeats - Les Miserables
Friday, March 22, 2013 at 4:59PM
Ben Brooksby in Color Grading, Davinci 9, bible, color correction, exodus, les miserables, moses, passover

Here's a Passover medley I colored for the Maccabeats. This is a mix of C300 and 5D footage wich presented some problems because of the differences in color sensitivity between the two. To get the 5D shots matching the rest I had to pull some creative selections on certain colors that were'nt responding as well. Stage lighting also introduced some new problems with colored lights in the fleshtone spectrum. Normally in the real world you don't have magenta and red light sources. So balancing the whole thing inn a pleasingly natural yet filmicly stylized way was a bit of a challenge.

Here's some before and after stills.



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