Olympic Beach Volleyball with a twist
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 7:02PM
Ben Brooksby in Color Grading, beach, california, christian busath, kerri walsh jennings, olympics, resolve, terry tate, volleyball

The intro to this video was shot in a vintage style and needed a look to compliment that. I did some research. Watched some Magnum PI and A Team and came up with what you see here. There were a few super ultra slowmo shots from the phantom which seems to have a different look on every shot. Getting it to match everything else is sometimes a challenge and every shot needs its own individual attention but with the stellar sound design, the slow motion really adds to it! Starring Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings, Christian Busath, and Terry Tate. Created by Scott Winn. Great little project! 

Here are some before and after stills to show my work.

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