Josh and Keri's Engagement Photos



I had the chance to borrow some L-series glass from my friend Devin Graham. If you haven't seen his rope swing video you should:

The amazing thing about DSLR's is the difference a lens makes. Its basically like grabbing a whole new camera. My kit lens that came with my 7D is the same lens that went through the accident with me. When I mention the accident I'm talking about this one:


I barely made it out of that one. My camera was in the fiberglass reinforced bowling case I built for it:

It did a good job of holding up through the roll over. Only the zipper had to be replaced. My camera seemed to be fine, but ever since then the lens has had some image stabilization issues and sometimes the zoom and focus lock up. Kinda dumb, but the chance to borrow some real glass was a wonderful experience. We hurried around Provo from about 4 in the afternoon to sundown an hour and a half later. 

Working on a wacom tablet makes photo grading so astronomically better than anything I've ever done with a mouse. I'm in love, but so are these two. Hopefully I've captured their essence a little bit. Lots of fun. Here are some before and after pictures to show off the might and power of adjustment layers.



Some Early Wedding Video Work.

Here are a couple of pieces from wedding videos I made back in the day. 


Color the Maldives

I recently did the finishing grade on this youtube video for Devin Graham. He shot it while working on a piece about Bethany Hamilton from Soul Surfer. 

His other videos can be found at


The New Color Reel

I've been working in DaVinci Resolve since June of 2011 and its been amazing. Here's my new and updated reel!

if you're having trouble playing it:


95ers Trailer

   95ers is the first feature I started coloring with DaVinci back in August 2011. The effects shots are finally completed and I'm returning to the project to finish with my new understanding and skills.

     Coloring features is especially rewarding because the grade plays such a huge part in telling the story. My work strives to follow the spirit of the director and cinematographer to create the world they intended. That's the thing I love about it. Its the full visual realization of the dream that began when the story first lit up someone's mind. 




















  in this particular case, my job was going to involve a lot of image correction. The film was shot over a long period and the earlier work in the film was captured on broadcast cameras. The result was less cinematic feeling shots than were available at the end of production. DaVinci Resolve has powerful motion tracking capabilities and selection tools. I used these pretty clumsily when I first started. Luckily its taken some time to finish compositing all the shots so I've had time to hone my skills. 

95ers : ECHOES official movie trailer from Space Ace on Vimeo.


To see the rest of the gallery go to my color grading tab.