In Tandem 

Finished April 24th, 2014

In Tandem from Andrew Moraca on Vimeo.

I used the layer mixer to composite blend a completely restructured curve onto the originals to secure more detail in the highlights and pull more texture. Clicking through these process stills you can see how these selections mix together to create the final look.


Here are some before and after stills showing more of the transformation. 



The World's Most Powerful Gum

Finished March 24th, 2014


Physical Computing

 April 29th 2014

The tilt-shift effect I pulled on the train shot in this was a pretty interesting process. There's more going on than just the blur. I've filled in some haze at the top end, and then some contouring to the shadows next to the tracks to add depth. As you click through the before and afters you can see the luminance work that's been done. 



The Traveler

Finished May 6th, 2014

This was a fun little project that needed to have the cold drab feel of a monotonous purposeless vocation. The final shot racing to freedom contrasted that with warmer tones. I really enjoyed this one. 

The Traveler - Part 1 - Rain International from Justin Taylor on Vimeo.



2015 Ford Mustang Dance Battle

Scott Winn and Derek Pueblo put this one together. On first seeing the material I asked Scott if I could give it a more vintage 70's feel almost like the 2015 Ford Mustang is a time machine bringing travelers from the 80's to the decade before. He liked the idea and so I set to work building some quick rough passes to give him an idea how it would turn out.

The technique I used to build this look involves some stuff I adapted from photohsop for Resolve. There's a lot going on in the node tree. It's pretty complicated lifting and clamping along with replacing the sky in every shot where it shows. As I worked I realized that besides the Super8 film I've played with, inspiration for this also comes from old Norman Rockwell paintings I grew up looking at like these:


There's just a certain feel you get from the lighting and color in these peices that I kept feeling echoed in the grade I was building. I've broken up the stills into just the cool car shots and then all the dancer shots. 

 One of the things I really love about this peice is the characters they've created. It's so rewarding to have successfully added to the feel of a project like this using some methods that when I first started developing, didn't seem to have hope of ever working on a real project. Looks like practice finally paid off. 

Here's the finished video!