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Finished October 2014



New Reel

I want to first thank all my clients for the great material they bring me. I love what I do, but its the caliber of photography that lets my work shine. Over the past year I've been developing some new techniques that really pull the audience in. There are several I've already been using but I wanted to push just a little further since I really believe layering subtle changes is key. So after long hours of considering and trimming and deleting, I finally got together my very favorite shots of the year in a watchable format. I still think I want to do a long version because so many things got cut. 

I love color transformation. Please contact me if you think I might be able to help you with a project!


National Parks Adventure

This is the final piece in the National Parks work I've done for Camp4. The footage looked great but lacked the intensity it needed. With DaVinci's powerful selection and tracking tools I was able to create shadows that draw you in more than you could ever control on location. 

As you click back and forth through these stills you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about.



National Parks Service 

These are testimonials by top outdoor professionals outlining what they love about their favorite national parks. The projects are part of a campaign by the NPS to build interest in these great treasures as well as reveal the variety of experiences available to park visitors. 

The photography in each of these is phenominal. The still frames don't do it justice. I have before and after stills for Denali, but for the others you can simply click through to see the finished product until the finished videos are available online. 












North Face Outdoor Loop

Camp 4 produced this excellent peice of work for The North Face. It features a lot of product shots so color matching was really important, but also the thing I really enjoy doing with their footage is relighting the mountain ranges. They capture some beautiful images of the most amazing places in the world. The chance to polish these kinds of shots is really a privelidge.

here's before and after stills!