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VooRay - Camsur Philippines

Finished June 4th, 2014

There's some good examples in this one of hue bending GoPro footage underwater to get better skintones and more vibrance overall.

Before and After Stills


In Tandem 

Finished April 24th, 2014

In Tandem from Andrew Moraca on Vimeo.

I used the layer mixer to composite blend a completely restructured curve onto the originals to secure more detail in the highlights and pull more texture. Clicking through these process stills you can see how these selections mix together to create the final look.


Here are some before and after stills showing more of the transformation. 



Turkey Canon Christmas Miracle

For this look I tried to go with something more thanksgiving and autumnally inspired. There are quite a few selections I'm going to break down on that opening shot with the little cottage but unfortunately my time is limited and so this is all you get right now. 



Kitten and Puppy Air

My friend Scott Winn made a video earlier with kittens flying through the air with capes on. He revisited the subject this last summer, this time with puppies as well. He's posted a making of video lest anyone fear the mistreatment of small animals. From what I've heard and seen it was a hoot to film. The little chewbacca puppy was my favorite shot of the bunch.


The footage was pretty flat here so I needed to pull the highlights and shadows with isolated selections to get a more dynamic image. The footage off the Phantom can fluctuate in color response more than other camera systems. I imagine anything shooting at 15,000 frames per second is going to do that though. At that speed the light and color can be hairline finicky. So grading super slow motion is never as simple as pasting one grade over everything. Each shot needs it's own custom work to pull it in line with the rest.

Another issue in this video was with raising the saturation and pulling the shadows and highlights away from each other introduced a lot of noise into the chroma channels. I graded this in Resolve 9. I wish it had come just a little later so I could have worked on it in version 10 which I'm running on now. In Resolve 10, the noise reduction tools are so much more powerful! I can now isolate noise reduction separating the chroma from the luma channels as well as choosing from spatial noise reduction which is essentially what was available in the earlier versions, nothing to sneeze at, or with my new favorite, temporal noise reduction. This allows resolve to analyze up to two frames ahead and behind each frame to adjust unwanted artifacts like noise right out of your picture! Between these two noise reduction methods you can also blend them in and out of each other. 

It may be too technical to explain without familiarity with the program. Basically, noise is history now.  


Color Run Sandiego