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Nathan Pacheco - Forever

February 2017

This was shot by Wesley Johnson on the Arri Alexa. I first worked with him a couple years back on another project, but I recall this discussion we had during one of those sessions, on the difficulty of brown. Defining it I mean. As a colorist I can shift things around pretty freely. So brown is kind of etherial. What makes something brown and not yellow or green or red? It's kind of the perfect blend of all those, but when you hit it, it's got this richness to it. 

The conversation's stuck with me because I guess I spend a lot of time agonizing over the shadow tones in most projects I color. The cardinal sin is too much magenta. Not completely sure why, but that's generally an easy place fot tones to shift. So acheiving this brown tone on projects where it's needed has been a personal challenge of mine for the past few years. It feels good to nail one down for the DP who originally influenced me on the subject.  



ESPN SportsCenter New Studio 

Finished June 18th, 2014

Cameron Manwaring

As ESPN launched the new SportsCenter Studio last year, this little gem came along. For more background you can check out the behind the scenes video. It aired on ESPN as well as their super screen in Times Square. 



Wyatt Gibbs

Click through the before and after stills to see the results. I did a lot to soften the rolloff on the top and bottom end basically creating more dynamic range. It's simulated but I think it worked pretty well. There's a lot of luminance sculpting going on as well to see just how much I could get out of this footage. 


Star Wars/Pringles

This project, was a challenge because any time you create a dark space you risk loosing detail that gives context to each shot. Global corrections are really limiting on things like this.  

There are subtle pushes of light in most of these shots. If you click back and forth on the Vador shot below you might notice the light that comes into face. In the finished spot you'll notice that he's moving through the room on that shot. Besides being really selective in where the light is pushing I also had to animate these selections so they'd match the movement of the camera and the action in the scene.  There are other ones in there but I'll let you discover them. 


created by Robogo Productions LLC. 



Russian Vs Snowman 

Gotta say I'm always excited to see what's goin on in Scott's videos, but this one went above and beyond my expectations. This one needed to feel cold and middle-of-nowhereish. I went with a little more amber tone to the highlights to balance things out and was pretty happy with the results. I think I was inspired by DeLorean shots from Macklemore's Thrift Shop. These aren't nearly as green but I think that's where the idea for something less blue came from. 

Here's a ton of before and after shots because I was fascinated by the transformation. Hope you'll check em out. This was shot on a mix of Phantom, Red, Canon, and Gopro cameras. All of those profiles are extremely different and sometimes can take a lot of work to get matching. So while the video seems random and coincidental not a minute of it is. That's the magic of it all I guess. Enjoy.


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