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Life Coach

Taylor Rees - September 2017

Organic, muted, and subtle. That was the goal of the look on this project. It's been really exciting getting to work with Renan and Taylor here and there over the last few years. They do beautiful work! 


The Whole Enchilada - Presented by ENVE

Kevin Winzeler Fall 2017

ENVE Composites


 Here's a link to an article on the project on



Abandon Gravity

This one took some serious grading to get where I wanted it. I'll have to put together some BTS video to break it down. Pretty happy with it. 


David Archuleta - Nunca Pense'

November 2014 

Kaleidescope Pictures

This was a real challenge. Some of the actors needed to be in black and white sepia tones to show they were ancestors. To create the effect I used the Key Mixer and a complex node tree to isolate certain parts of the frame and get individual frame by frame rotoscoped control so that the overlapping selections would line up and apply my "sepia grade" to the entire individual wherever they moved and to match to the movement of the camera which as you'll see is entirely handheld. The hardest part to make work was the drumming hands in some shots. With fast blurred movement like that the selection has to be feathered so that just enough of the edge is sepia without the visible background haloing sepia too much. Contract the selection too far and the color in thier fingers shows. So it was complicated and tedious, but it worked better than I expected I could make it work. 


Fanta Theater spot

July 2016

Scott Winn