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Zipline Nerf Battle

Finished June 25 2014


Intermountain Healthcare Donor Thank you video

Finished May 13, 2014

Scott Wilhite

Intermountain Healthcare — Donor Thank You from Scott Wilhite on Vimeo.

This needed some gentle luminance work to soften the harsh sunlit exteriors and to improve lighting on people's faces. These before and after stills illustrate. 



The World's Most Powerful Gum

Finished March 24th, 2014


Physical Computing

 April 29th 2014

The tilt-shift effect I pulled on the train shot in this was a pretty interesting process. There's more going on than just the blur. I've filled in some haze at the top end, and then some contouring to the shadows next to the tracks to add depth. As you click through the before and afters you can see the luminance work that's been done. 



If You're Gonna Wear the Uniform

 If You're Gonna Wear the Uniform from Dusty Hulet on Vimeo.


Here are a few before and after stills you can click through to see the results. 

 The main shot in this short film is an extended take of the sun rising over Mt. Everest. The quality, color, and intensity of light is in a slow, continous change throughout. So I used a pile of windows and keyframes to control the ways that light and color spread throughout the shot. This video breakdown helps to explain how I got it there.