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Vanilla Bikes

This project from Kevin Winzeler was really fun to work on because the final output was black and white. 

The fun of finishing in B&W is that you can use the color channels to remap the luminance. Basicly in B&W, different colors apear as lighter or darker shades of gray.

You can see in this little chart what it looks like when you suck out the color. Magenta turns almost white. 


 So by tilting the hue of a particular color channel, you can darken or lighten elements in the image. Lips for instance, can be darkened by making them blue.

Black and white hue-bending can best be seen in the shot(numbers 12 and 13) of him holding a frame where you can barely see the paint job in the plain B&W. The light green paint on the front of the frame wasn't showing up. In color it really popped, but in B&W it looked white. The shot right after is a silver frame which also looks white. The two shots would appear as a jump cut in the middle of the same shot of him holding a white frame. So to fix it, I tilted the hue of the green toward blue to darken the paint so it would have the same contrast as the color version. 


The Craftsman | Sacha White with Vanilla Bicycles from Kevin Winzeler on Vimeo.



Virgin Mobile

Directed by Derek Pueblo, and shot by Jeff Yeats, This piece required special attention to create the different worlds of each scene. It's a little different, but here are some before and after shots of the work I did on it. 


Hilary Weeks - Say Love

I worked with Bentley Media Group on this one. 

The main performance scenes needed a bright warm look. They included the outdoor footage with the lens flares and the notes as well as the sunset with the city skyline. The day they shot the sunset a brush fire had covered most of the western sky with smoke so the light was even more orange and diffused than usual. Really beautiful! 

For the story peices we went with a warmed up low contrast look with milkier blacks than what the camera captures. This gave a soft seperation between the story footage and the performance footage.

There were a few lighting details to enhance in one of the set ups where the key light just needed a little more oomph. It turned out well. Mostly subtle stuff so I'll just post a few stills.


Ford Longboarding Adventure

 Created by Devin Graham

Music By Scott and Bredno


Utes Gameball delivery - C.R. England Global Transportation

This was a great opportunity with  C.R. England Global Transportation to color some fantastic looking footage! Click back and forth to see the transformation. I was only permitted to share three stills from the project so these are my favorites.

University of Utah

C.R. England Global Transportation

Red R3d workflow.