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Fugoo Go Anywhere Speaker

Magnetic Creative

 This project needed a lower contrast warm tone. with the number of different places and times, I used a lot of different methods to get it all within that range. I was trying to give it the look of photos printed in matte paper magazines. Less gloss, more toning. Take a look at the before and after stills to see some of my favorites. 


Maccabeats - Brave

The desired look for this video was bright and sunny. But the day it was shot was cloudy. Initially I did some things that accentuated the clouds in the sky making it feel like rain was imminant. Growing up in Washington state where the sky is often overcast I was unaware that's how it felt. So the skies had to go. I raised the threshold to blow out as much of the sky as possible while still retaining detail in the singers. White shirts aren't especially conducive to this approach, but with some selective technique, the lost detail was mostly limited to the sky.