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Maccabeats - Brave

The desired look for this video was bright and sunny. But the day it was shot was cloudy. Initially I did some things that accentuated the clouds in the sky making it feel like rain was imminant. Growing up in Washington state where the sky is often overcast I was unaware that's how it felt. So the skies had to go. I raised the threshold to blow out as much of the sky as possible while still retaining detail in the singers. White shirts aren't especially conducive to this approach, but with some selective technique, the lost detail was mostly limited to the sky. 


Maccabeats - Brave

This bright little piece needed a look to match. Many times with shots captured in the outdoors there are elements you just can't wrangle. Lighting a mountain top to your specifications can be a difficult task. That's where post production color grading shines.

The problem in many of these shots was the heavy clouds in the top third of most of them. Using trackable windows in some cases and HSL keys on some others I worked to increase the brightness of the sky. In a lot this is accomplished by simply lifting the brightness in the sky that's showing. But in some others I got the same effect by lifting the reflected light on the ground. This gives the illusion that the sky is brighter.

In a few others I grabbed certain parts of the sky to increase visual contrast by controlling the hue of the blue that was showing through. In others it was through controlling the top edge of the highlights in the clouds to achieve a brighter look when it wasn't possible by simply shuffeling around global controls.

There are many ways to build a look. Its projects like this one that stretch my skills and get me to discover new techniques. It's really just about getting the audience to feel an emotion. There are lots of ways our minds interpret what we see. Its tapping into which cues have wich meaning that helps me to accomplish my goal of creating a feeling and a look for a film. Boy does it stretch me sometimes though. 

These before and after stills may seem like a subtle simple creation. They aren't. Sometimes the hardest work I do is completely invisible. Hopefully that means I'm getting it right. So here's to subtlety.