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Fanta Theater spot

July 2016

Scott Winn


ESPN SportsCenter New Studio 

Finished June 18th, 2014

Cameron Manwaring

As ESPN launched the new SportsCenter Studio last year, this little gem came along. For more background you can check out the behind the scenes video. It aired on ESPN as well as their super screen in Times Square. 



Downton Abbey Jane Austen is My Homegirl Rap

To create the Downton Abbey look I compared the footage with stills from the actual show. Production design helped a lot on this. One of the main things to watch for when trying to match a certain look is to watch skin tones. Sometimes you can't get a real idea of the tone in a space if you don't have enough angles represented in the sample stills. But recognizing the look through how skin tones are being handled always works.
click through the before and after stills!