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Bryan Walters

 directed by Alec Throsen

This short needed a softer, lower contrast feel than what digital typically offers. I used a series of selections to isolate shadows and highlights to soften the curve without losing balance or detail. The look has almost a beer bottle effect on the footage- the feel of greenish tinted glass, but not the smooth machined finish; the lumpy organic poured molten glass feel. The look needed to evolve progressivly till the ending scene where a more natural tone would replace the amber and greens. Another interesting part was a scene that needed to look like twilight right after sunset even though it was shot in late evening.

For more information about the film here is a link to it on IMDB

Here are some before and after stills.


And here is a video highlighting that twilight transformation. 


Bitter Pill

This was a BYU capstone produced by Duncan Rawlings, directed by Sarah Butler, and shot by Casey Wilson. The film depicts events in the near future where the technology exists to erase painful memories. 

There needed to be specific differences between the dream world and the real world, but also between flashbacks of the real world featured later in the film. To accomplish this, I used a subtle vigniette to darken the edges on the dreamworld, but then I used a seperate node to bring in some blur. It took a while to find the right feeling but it worked. The flashbacks were pulled to a more natural tone than the cyan push on the real world. The ending scene was shot out on the salt flats at sunset so as the angle of light changed it introduced a lot of warmer color-rich tones which compliment the emotional tone nicely.

click through the stills to see the results!