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Star Wars vs Star Trek

Finished June 21, 2014

Here are some stills that show the process some of these shots went through where I did some relighting stuff. To make the Stormtroopers at the door match, I simulated the color and cadence of flashing that was going on in the dance shots. The mountains outside the window in another shot were too blue, and there was some relighting to do on another shot where they all appear at the door to the studio, but the lights are supposed to be out. The last one from during the dancing shows some dynamic highlight bursting I pulled and tracked to the camera movements in a few shots. Anyway you can click through these and see what I'm talking about.

General before and after stills:


Star Wars/Pringles

This project, was a challenge because any time you create a dark space you risk loosing detail that gives context to each shot. Global corrections are really limiting on things like this.  

There are subtle pushes of light in most of these shots. If you click back and forth on the Vador shot below you might notice the light that comes into face. In the finished spot you'll notice that he's moving through the room on that shot. Besides being really selective in where the light is pushing I also had to animate these selections so they'd match the movement of the camera and the action in the scene.  There are other ones in there but I'll let you discover them. 


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